The reflected W beam

Description of a 5-band version for 10-20m
Please note that zip-file is suitable for download while pdf-file is good for immediate look

Here is an English description of a 5-band version (10-20m) with all needed construction details for homebrew Here is a German description of a 5-band version (10-20m) with all needed construction details for homebrew
reflectedW-design-en.pdf (836kB)
reflectedW-design-de.pdf (1,08MB) (800kB) (1,02MB)

EZNEC files for modelling the beams

All versions are for bottom feeding. That means the coax is connected to the highest band (lowest wire in mechanical design). The files for 20m and up versions are new calculated but not yet built. If someone tries it out before I'm able to do so please let me know the results. (2kB) (2kB) (2kB) (2kB) (2kB) (2kB) (2kB) (2kB)

pdf-files with results/summary of some of the above EZNEC files

203040m Version (108 kB)

17203040m Version (100 kB)

1217203040m Version (132 kB)

20-17m Version (78 kB)

20-17-15m Version (89 kB)

20-17-15-12m Version (102 kB)

This excel-file is helpful to calculate the XYZ coordinates for EZNEC or any other modelling software while changing wire lengths or other dimensions of the antenna (17 kB)

Single band dimensions can be found in the ecxel file.

I have already built the 40m monobander, duobander 40/30m, tribander 40/30/20m and 4-bander 40/30/20/17m and can confirm the calculated data. Antennas worked fine on the first attempt with the dimensions taken from EZNEC models. The 5-bander DL7IO-40-5 made some problems on 12m. I guess it is an interaction between the elements and the metal baseplate which is very close (10cm) to the bottom elements (12m). I will try again with another non-metalic base plate for 40m.

Here is a presentation shown on a Hamfest in Jena, Germany on Apr. 23rd 2005.

reflected W presentation 2005-04-23 (1,6 MB)