The reflected W beam

Links to other pages related to this antenna design

This Newsgroup offers active discussions about all aspects of the beam and a good chance to find answers to all questions you have about it.

Newsgroup Hex-Beam at Yahoo

Steve, G3TXQ, has made a very nice project with hints and tips regarding the Hexbeam

G3TXQ's Hexbeam-pages

Leo, K4KIO, described very detailed the homebrew hexbeam project. Very usefull information

K4KIO's Hexbeam-pages

EI7BA describes a nice selfmade project for a single band version on his webpage and answers many questions

A 3 hours project

Dave, W1GQL is running a nice webproject devoted to the hexagon beam with many information & hints for homebrewers.

Dave's, W1GQL hombrew hexbeam page

A nice source of HAM-related information can be found here.

A must for everybody who is interested in antenna designing and a great source of information are the pages from W4RNL.