The reflected W beam

Please find on this page a collection of parts to build this or other antennas. If you are looking for a complete beam please send me a mail with the bands you would like to have included. As I'm not producing on stock it takes between 6-8 weeks to built a complete antenna. The offered materials are of high quality and tested under sunny and salt water conditions (tropical climate). We only use extremly strong, black fiberglas for the spreaders, a special thermo-plastic Polyurethane for the base plate, black PE, stainless steel or brass hardware and Kevlar or dark Dacron lines. I know that many of those parts are hard to get (if ever) because they are custom made on my needs. To get reasonal prices I often had to order big volumes and so I'm happy to offer some of those "hard to get" parts for homebrewers and hopefully can cover my own costs. For easy payment from outside Germany or Europe I recommend the use of a paypal account. Transportation costs have to be checked if I know delivering address and volume of the order (size & weight). All prices are in Euro. If only small pieces are ordered I try to send it in letter form to prevent you from custom questions.

The antenna has 6 spreaders, 1 base plate and 1 center mast. For each band you need: wire, 4 connectors to the center hub, 6 clamps, 4 end insulators, 4 messing screws (plus accessories).

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Click on the image to get more details of the spreader
20m spreader: 63,30 Euro/each
40m spreader: 118,50 Euro/each

Click on the image to get more details of the center hub.
20m center mast: 35,00 Euro/each
20m center mast with feeding system for 20-10m: 75,00 Euro/each
40m center mast: 47,00 Euro/each

Click on the image to get more details of the base plate.
20m base plate, without holes for U-bolts: 92 Euro/each
20m base plate, with holes 24 x 7/33mm for U-bolts: 97 Euro/each
40m base plate, without holes for U-bolts: 138 Euro/each
40m base plate, with holes 24 x 7/41mm for U-bolts: 143 Euro/each
flange sleeve (inner/outer dia 38/54mm, ring 92mm,
3 x 9mm holes all 120 on a 75mm diameter ring): 22 Euro/each
Every baseplate comes already with 2 of these flange sleeves.

Click on the image to get more details of the wire connectors to the center mast.
material: brass (Messing), M4 windings from the inside and a 1,8mm hole on the other end. The copper wire can be ironed into the hole. So the wire comes rectangular out of center hub and does not bend or fold. You need one for each wire element, e.g. 4 pcs. per band.
wire connector: 85 Cent/each

copper wire of 1,5mm² (#16), flexible (30x0,245mm) and not insulated
copper wire: 30 Cent/meter
set of wire elements for 20-10m version: 60 Euro
ready prepared with wire connectors
stainless steel clamp, 12-22 mm
6pcs. needed per band
If you use my spreaders this type is for all bands in the 20-10m version and for 40/30/20m in the 40m+ versions.
stainless steel clamp 12-22mm: 70 Cent/each
stainless steel clamp, 16-27 mm
6pcs. needed per band
If you use my spreaders this type is for 17m and up in the 40m+ versions.
stainless steel clamp 16-27mm: 74 Cent/each
Screws, nuts and washers made from brass (Messing)
They are used to connect the wires to the center mast and fix the feeding system in the inner side. I used brass as material because of useful electrical quality and you can iron it. The feeding system is ironed to the screws e.g. before installed in the center mast.
screw, M4 x 16 mm: 5 ct/pc
screw, M4 x 20mm: 5 Cent/pc
nuts M4: 3 Cent/pc
washer 4,3mm: 2 Cent/pc
luster terminal
It is used for the endinsulator of the elements and consists of black (UV-resistant) PE, clamp body and screw from brass. It comes with only one screw. The empty hole is used to connect the kevlar line.
luster clamp: 15 Cent/pc
Dacron line, 1,9mm diameter, 120 kp
This line is used for securing the spreaders and for the end insulators.
It is black or gray colored and UV-resistant
Dacron line: 30 Cent/meter
stainless steel parts like screws, nuts, washers in different sizes.